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Tracking Terminology Quiz - Level I
Objective: Answer 7 questions correctly. JavaScript required!

1. What is all evidence, not limited to footfalls, of a person's presence or passage called?

2. What is footfall damage to vegetation, usually indicated by color variation contrasting with the surrounding area of the same vegetation called?

3. The process of determining time lapse since sign was made, considering vegetation damage, rain, sun, and other natural elements is called what?

4. Areas of ground surface compressed in a manner which give an indication of human footfalls are called what?

5. The indented mark or sign left in a normal walking motion when one foot propels the body forward is called a ...

6. The term for the area where the next footfall should appear, within the 60% arc, beneath the tip of the point person’s sign cut stick when the stick is properly "set-up" and on the last identified footfall is called?

7. The two members to the right and left, one step behind the point person, who make up a tracking team are called what?

8. A tracking measurement from tip of toe of one normal walking step to back of heel of the next successive step is called what?

9. The principal tracking person who is in front of other team members and generally (on the ground) identifying each footprint step-by-step is called what?

10. What is the correct angle for seeing sign utilizing the primary light source called?

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