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A volunteer organization dedicated to saving lives through search, rescue, and mountain safety education


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Mountain Bike Team

Provide rapid access to subjects and search areas

The Mountain Bike Team is overseen two team leads. 

Dan Barber

Bike Team Leader

Darryl Beemer

Bike Team Leader


The primary capability of the Mountain Bike Team is to go far, quickly, when terrain allows. Bikes can be used for corridor searches when looking along a single area, like a path or trail, or setting up a containment area with the goal to get out ahead of a lost subject to reduce the search area.


Two roles are established in the team; Level 1 MTB and Level 2 MTB. Both are obtained through training and testing. MTB 1 is an entry level for urban missions, while MTB 2 members are trained for off road and backcountry assignments.


In addition to the regular requirements of IMSARU, Mountain Bike Team members maintain proficiency with regular classroom and field training scheduled at least three times per year, and host awareness sessions twice a year for new members.


The Mountain Bike Team has developed an internal credentialing process for their team members.