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A volunteer organization dedicated to saving lives through search, rescue, and mountain safety education


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Helping people when they need it most. Make a difference in your community.

Becoming an IMSARU volunteer means working as a team and dedicating many hours and weekends to training and preparedness.

Apply for Membership

We are not accepting applications for new members at this time. The next recruitment period is anticipated in fall of 2024. Instructions for beginning the application process will be posted on this page as we near that time.


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Do You Have What It Takes?
IMSARU members are 100% volunteers and can be deployed in urban, wilderness, and backcountry environments in all weather conditions at any time of the day or night. Members are expected to attend regular unit training and meetings to maintain proficiency in their rank. In addition to mission responses, members are expected to participate in safety education, public relations, and fundraising events.
Outfitting and Initial Training
New members are responsible for providing some personal equipment including a 24 hour pack, basic navigation and survival supplies, food, water, and season appropriate clothing. All new members complete an entry level training academy that typically consists of three classroom sessions on Wednesday through Friday, and one field session the following Saturday. After completing the academy, new members begin a probationary process lasting one year.
Application & Selection Process
Details for the next application process will be published in the summer of 2024. Please check back for updates.
Minimum Requirements
Individuals must be at least 18 years of age, must have a Waiver and Agreement on file, and must pay new member dues prior to being accepted for membership.
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Volunteering for IMSARU

IMSARU volunteers are provided with extensive training opportunities in wilderness safety, rescue operations, basic medical care, incident management, and search theory. As they complete training and gain experience, members have the opportunity to advance into three ranks within the unit, each representing a higher degree of leadership ability. Members also have the option to join any of our six specialty teams after basic membership requirements are met.