To report an emergency or request search and rescue, contact your local sheriff’s non-emergency dispatch or call 911

A volunteer organization dedicated to saving lives through search, rescue, and mountain safety education


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Technical Rescue Team

Performs high angle and technical rope rescues

The Tech Team is overseen by the Rescue Director, an elected unit officer position. 

Alex Deduck

Rescue Director


The Tech Team is equipped to perform technical rescue and access operations with an emphasis on backcountry environments not accessible with ground teams or vehicles.


Three ranks are established in the team: Rescue Basic, Rescue Technician, and Rescue Specialist. Ranks are obtained through training and testing, and each represents increasing rigging and leadership abilities.


In addition to the regular requirements of IMSARU, Tech Team members attend two classroom sessions (typically on Monday nights) and one field training (typically on a Saturday) per month.  


The Tech Team is accredited and undergoes a certification test by the Mountain Rescue Association every two years.