To report an emergency or request search and rescue, contact your local sheriff’s non-emergency dispatch or call 911

A volunteer organization dedicated to saving lives through search, rescue, and mountain safety education


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Tracking Team

Trackers follow sign (footprints), determine direction of travel, process significant clues, and follow missing subjects

The Tracking Team is overseen by one team lead. 

Mike Rowe

Tracking Team Leader


The tracking team can operate on virtually any missing person incidents where a "Last known Point" has been established. Trackers will attempt to identify and follow the missing subjects distinct footprints and determine their direction of travel.


Five roles are recognized in the team: Novice Tracker, Basic Tracker, Apprentice Tracker, Journeyman Tracker, and Sign Cutter Tracker. Each credential is obtained through training and testing, and each represents increasing skillset and abilities.


In addition to the regular requirements of IMSARU, Tracking Team members attend one classroom session (typically on Monday nights) and one field training (typically on a Saturday) per month.  


All Tracking Team members obtain certification through Joel Hardin Professional Tracking Services.