To report an emergency or request search and rescue, contact your local sheriff’s non-emergency dispatch or call 911

A volunteer organization dedicated to saving lives through search, rescue, and mountain safety education


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What We Do

Our Team

Our members are highly trained in wilderness safety, rescue operations, incident management, and search theory. We are equipped to search for and rescue missing and injured persons in backcountry and urban environments.

Our Services

IMSARU is an independent search and rescue team that provides service 24/7/365, to southwest Idaho and surrounding areas. We respond at the request of any government-based public safety agency and can deploy within one hour of receiving a mission request.

Our Community

Our unit is funded through donations, grants, and our members. We NEVER charge agencies or individuals for our services. We offer safety education and training programs upon request to allied agencies, outdoor groups, and members of the public.

Membership Ranks

All of our members are trained in basic ground search and rescue operations. New members undergo a one year probationary period, after which they can begin promoting through three distinct ranks that represent increasing leadership capabilities. 

Probationary Members
Are entry-level unit members undergoing a yearlong training and credentialing process. Probationary members operate on mission responses under supervision.
Search Technicians
Are required to be self-sufficient for 24 hours in a three-season environment and can assist with basic rescue operations and deploy on a search team.
Search Specialists
Can function as Team Leaders on a four-season search or rescue operation and supervise a field team in a safe and effective manner.
SAR Managers
Have extensive training and experience that enables them to perform as an Operations Leader during a mission response, size-up and manage incidents, implement and integrate into command structure, and deploy unit and outside resources in a safe and efficient manner.
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Specialty Teams

Six specialty teams provide additional capabilities and resources. Specialty team members undergo additional training and certification specific to their discipline.

How to Volunteer

We typically hold two application periods per year, one in the spring and one in the fall. Visit our join page for the latest details on the application process and to subscribe to updates.